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Entrepreneurial spirit: seeking truth, seeking truth, truth, innovation, trust and tolerance.

Enterprise Ideal: To create an internationally competitive first-class hot stamping, transfer, and laser new material production R&D base.

Corporate philosophy: Pursue perfection, create excellence, use understanding, support, trust, and build a strong team that can't compete and fight invincible.

Corporate Responsibility: Dedicating satisfactory products to users; providing employment opportunities for employees; contributing social benefits to the country; and contributing good profits to shareholders.

Employing principle:

Knowing people: Understanding people and respecting people is not only a matter of knowing people, but also the potential of people.

Encourage people: Create a relaxed environment, make people feel comfortable, do not seek full blame, and allow to improve self-discipline.

Employing people: Provide each employee with a stage to display their talents and create opportunities for learning, development and promotion.

Be a man: Treat each other with sincerity, be kind to others, be inclusive, considerate, dedication, loyalty, take the company as the home, and share the honor with the company.

Employing standards:

Full of work enthusiasm;

Rigorous, serious and responsible work attitude;

Scientific working methods, good work habits;

Continuous learning, continuous improvement, and continuous improvement of work standards;

Excellent professional ethics, good job performance.

Quality objectives: Zero defects in products, zero complaints from customers.

Quality Policy: All employees are aware of quality, strictly implement the ISO-9001 international quality certification system, and deepen the QC group activities to ensure zero defect in product quality.

Product Features:




With stability;



Market site management:

Full participation, perseverance, continuous improvement, scientific management, market orientation, rapid response, continuous innovation, continuous development, and continuous supply to users

Satisfied products and moving services are our unremitting pursuit.

Adhere to the 3N 5M 6S management site:


Unqualified raw and auxiliary materials are not accepted;

Do not manufacture non-conforming products;

Non-conforming products are not allowed to be shipped out of the warehouse.


Personnel: Implement fixed salary, use incentive mechanism, and focus on quality, cost and safety;

Machine: implement nursing responsibility and maintain efficient start-up;

Materials: Deepen QC activities, strictly control the quality of raw and auxiliary materials, find the best raw and auxiliary materials, and make full use of resources;

Method: Standardize operational procedures, continuously improve innovation, and strictly control standardization management;

Measurement: Strict measurement management, regular calibration of meters, weighing and other weighing instruments to optimize process control.


Finishing, rectifying, cleaning, cleaning, literacy, and safety.

Corporate call:

Start small things, do a good job of bronzing; small things are the things that can best test people's hearts, small things are often the most beautiful things; details determine success or failure.

All the staff started, grasping safety, ensuring quality, reducing costs, opening new products, and being on the job for one minute, doing well for 60 seconds.